A Student’S Affair With His College Professor

Mark was a college student that was studying an engineering course. During his study course at the university, he managed to make friends with one female professor by the name of Ann. With time, their friendship kept growing stronger, a friendship that was not a usual thing with a professor and a student. All the four years, they maintained good terms until Mark finished and graduated from the university.
After studies, Mark managed to get a job in another city that was a little bit far from the university. Despite the fact that they were far from each other, they still maintained their friendship by making phone calls. Three years came to pass and the two never saw each other. Then out of the blue the professor was sent to the student’s city for a conference. Since they used to phone each other, she immediately called the student to inform him of the possibility of meeting him while she was in town. The conference was over on a Friday and the professor had the weekend to tour the city. She met with Mark and they had a pleasant time during the day by visiting places like museums, parks, and restaurants.
When the evening came, they both decided that there was no need for the professor to go and sleep at the hotel. Mark made the move and told the professor to sleep on his bed, while he slept on a blow-up mattress on the floor.
Surprisingly enough, the professor declined the offer, saying that they both were going to sleep in the same bed. Though Mark was eleven years younger than the professor, he decided that since it was an opportunity that only came once in a life time he was not going to let it go like that.
It was the professor who took the shower first and came out of the bathroom naked. Mark followed suit, and in a couple of minutes, they were on the bed cuddling. With some romance, Mark’s hands were exploring the curvy body of the professor. In no time, both were horny and wanted each other so badly. Ann opened her legs wide apart for Mark to have a glance at the honeypot. This made Mark even more horny, something that made him push her on the bed and bang her all night long. Indeed, it was a night to remember for the two, as they let their feelings intertwine in the process of love making.
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